bending over i smell odor like an infection sinus

Why do i sometimes smell ammonia when i bend over? – sinus, It doesn’t happen often–maybe every couple of months–but occasionally when i bend over, i am overwhelmed by an extremely intense smell of ammonia..
Sinus/odor problem – ear, nose & throat – medhelp, It’s possibly a low-level sinus infection. the smell can be musty, ammonia, burning, or parmesan-and-dog-poop, (those are the ones i’ve had). the infection.
Disturbing nasal odor – respiratory disorders – medhelp, I am periodically smelling a foul odor that appears to be coming from my nasal passages. it smells like rotting flesh! of course, i am concerned and i.

Nasal odor – ear, nose and throat disorders forum – ehealthforum, Nasal odor . i resently had a cold, but now that the cold is gone, i’m getting this odd odor in the back of my nose that i smell when i breathe in or out..
Smell coming from the nose at body odor cure support forum, Hi, ive nearly overcome a similar problem. you need a netti pot or a sinus irrigation machine (which i use). fill with water and add fine sea salt (about 5 grams)..
Olfaction – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Olfaction or olfactory perception is the sense of smell. this sense is mediated by specialized sensory cells of the nasal cavity of vertebrates, which can be.

Sinus infection symptoms nose bleed – medhelp, The blood is from the toxins of the sinus infection damaging your mucus membranes. if you wash out the infected snot, the membranes will heal, according to a re.
Constant smell of ammonia in my nose ยท nasal (nose) & sinus, It seems that i have a smell in my nose that smells somewhat like ammonia. it is not on my skin nor do it seem to be in my breath. i was wondering could it be a.
Ammonia gas smell – medhelp – medhelp – health community, I’m 25, male, normal weight, healthy other than digestive problems for the past few months. i have frequent foul smelling gas (like ammonia and musty) and frequent.

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