Dr Charles Root on Snopes

Are all these facts facts? – snopes.com, Albert einstein and charles darwin both married their first cousins dr. seuss pronounced his name "soyce". some guy called snopes says it’s false..
Is it true dr. pepper was made from prune juice before? if not, Is it true dr. pepper was made from prune juice before? if not, then what was it made of? there are no prunes in dr pepper, there were no prunes in it before..
Snopes exposed dont use snopes do not use snopes! : dr. leonard, Snopes exposed don’t use snopes – do not use snopes! i might add they have reported to the justice department with regard to not telling the truth about aspartame.

Dr. pepper? – yahoo! answers, Best answer: we’ve been known to enjoy a dr pepper every now and again, and we’ve often pondered how the good doctor gets the peculiar taste. we’ve heard.
Earn your trident every day… | scottoncapecod’s weblog, Dr. charles r. roots senior pastor former staff sergeant, usmc captain, u. s. navy chaplain corps (ret) snopes has confirmed this a lie..
The highly unofficial dr pepper faq – free new york, A collection of frequently-asked questions about the soft drink dr pepper, posted trimonthly (more or less) to the alt.fan.dr-pepper newsgroup..

Dr. leonard coldwell.com, The dr leonard coldwell foundation e v is responsible for the content of this website,.

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