my urine smells like chlorine

What makes your urine smell like bleach? –, Over the weekend my urine smelled like bleach. i thought of two things: amnio leakage or semen. well, it was just the smell. there was no discharge or leakage. after.
Why does my urine smell like feces? – wellsphere, Why does my urine smell like feces? posted by starrlee83 for the past three months my urine has had a terribly foul, fecal- smelling urine..
My urine smells like ammonia – women’s health – medhelp, Hi so i have problem every few days my urine smells so strong that it make me ill. this has been going on for a few years. i do not have any std’s and have had a.

Why does my urine smell like rotten eggs? – women’s health – medhelp, My fiance and i had 1 night of rough sex, and the next morning i awoke to the horrifying odor of my urine smelling of rotten eggs! i’ve taken an at home urine test.
How to remove the smell of cat urine out of my rug, it – q&a, How to remove the smell of cat urine out of my rug, it soaked into the underlay and floor..
Why does my water smell like chlorine? – yahoo! voices – voices, One of the biggest complaints about tap water is it tastes and smells like a swimming pool. why is there chlorine in my water? what do i do about it? there.

Why does my dogs urine smell like fish? – blurtit, Answer (1 of 6): itâs highly likely that the smell of rotten fish is actually a byproduct of how your dogâs body chemistry is reacting to a change in their diet..
Why does my urine smell like ammonia? – – short answers, This can be attributed to a few different causes, some that can be serious. the most dangerous cause of ammonia smell in your urine could be that your liver is not.
Why does my urine smell like dead fish? – yahoo! answers, Best answer: you say you drink lots, but your pee is dark. there’s something wrong. either you aren’t drinking enough for your weight or there is something.

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